So, this is my my first entry. So lets start with some facts about me.

I work for a major german company as a Software Engineer (according to me – according to my employer my job title changes every 6month or so and I don’t keep track of it). At work I’m part of a team which develops an ESB for the whole company. Our base technology is TIBCO BusinessWorks.

This site is only about my private projects. So far only 3 projects exists but I think there will come more. So here a short Review of the existing projects:

cdmfs is a project of a friend of mine. Goal of this projects is to build an client/server architecture for an distributed filesystem which can handle meta information for every file and folder.

pidgin-ocs is the beginning of implementing an Office Communication Server protcol for pidgin. I got stuck at the ntln authentication so far. The pidgin ntlm doesn’t work on my companies server, so I’m trying now get the ntlm from heimdal running. Let’s see how this goes. is a projects of mine of a new webpage. The page should consist of the essential shell tools so you can user them online with an web-interface.

That’s it so far from me.