A little time ago I started experimenting with some of the new HTML 5 features. Some seam pretty impressive although some a rather unnecessary in my opinion. But one thing got me really hooked – the HTML canvas.

The possibilities of this control are only limited by the performance of javascript and the missing 3d feature (hopefully this comes pretty soon). With that technology I finally got some way to implement something I wanted to try for some time now. So here is the basic idea what it is all about.

A lot of people out there use services like delicious where you tag you favorite sites and make this available to other users. Now I started to grab that data and began to build a massive tag cloud. After some time the site collected hundreds of thousands of links with their corresponding tags. So now you can start on the site and search for tags which interests you. These search tags will then be correlated against the cloud database and you get the most active links for your tags. So here is an example.

Let’s say you are interested in a tomcat tutorial.


tutorial, tomcat





Of course those results will be a link to the concrete tutorial (not just the entry page).

So far to the official part. For me this is more of a fun project. I prefer to start with some random tag and then wander around. It’s more like browsing, cause you start at points that you don’t already know. You have the chance to break out of your existing network of most used sites and see something new.

So have fun with it.


PS: For the implementation part – if you have any questions, just ask. I’m planning to explain some details about how it works on some later posts.