Finally a new project going live. Here a short intro on what it is all about.

I read a lot of blogs to keep up to date with all the different technologies I need for my work. Further to that, I used a lot of open source projects, which I need to follow, to keep up with new releases. For all that information gathering I just cycle through all kinds of blogs, github and freecode sites to gather the necessary info.

After a while, I was looking around to find something more automated, to get update notifications for these different sources. I found a few RSS-feed aggregators which had this feature for feeds, but most of them cost quite a lot (at least in cost per notification, which are rather few in my case). Also, they only can be applied to RSS-feeds and nothing else.

Hence missing alternatives, I tried to build it myself. What I came up with is a simple site, which takes an URL and tries to figure out, whether there is a way to attach to this source, so notifications can be emitted. Basically, when the site provides an API (or even RSS), it is possible to parse it programatically. So most of the heavy lifting should be hidden by the simplified UI.

In case this sounds interesting to you, just try it out.