I recently had an oracle database where I wanted to compress the clob store for more storage efficiency. To do that, I needed to convert the clob store from basicfiles to securefiles. As a requirement to use compressed securefiles, oracel states, that the tablespace must be managed by ASSM (Automatic Segment Space Management). In order to check this, I found the following sql query.

select tablespace_name, SEGMENT_SPACE_MANAGEMENT
  from user_tablespaces;

The output looks like:

------------------------------ ------------------------
SYSTEM                         MANUAL
SYSAUX                         AUTO  
TEMP                           MANUAL
USERS                          AUTO  
EXAMPLE                        AUTO  
 11 rows selected
  • AUTO means ASSM is managing the tablespace
  • MANUAL means the tablespace is manually managed

The ASSM property can also be queried by table name.

SELECT segment_name table_name,segment_subtype
FROM user_segments
where segment_type='TABLE';

The output looks like:

T1               ASSM
 1 row selected