I recently started a new project to bring Tibco EMS connectivity to nodejs. It is still in a pretty early stage, so it is rather limited in its capabilities. A current version of the feature set will be maintained within github.

What is working right now?

  • send a text message to queue (request/reply and push)
  • send a text message to topic (request/reply and push)

More is about to come in the future. To give you a little insight on how it looks like, here a sample of sending a request.

const ems = require('./build/Release/node-ems');

let server= "tcp://localhost:7222";
let user="admin";
let password="admin";
let queueName="queue.push";
let topicName="topic.push";
let header={};
let body="hello world";

var ems_conn = ems.prepare(server,user,password);

//send a message to a queue -> fire and forget
var msgId1 = ems_conn.sendToQueueSync(queueName,header,body);
console.log("msgId1: "+msgId1);

//send message to a topic -> fire and forget
var msgId2 = ems_conn.sendToTopicSync(topicName,header,body);
console.log("msgId2: "+msgId2);

//send message to a queue and wait for a response -> request/reply
var response1 = ems_conn.requestFromQueueSync("queue.rr",header,body);
console.log("queue response: "+JSON.stringify(response1,null,2));

//send message to a topic and wait for a response -> request/reply
var response2 = ems_conn.requestFromTopicSync("topic.rr",header,body);
console.log("topic response: "+JSON.stringify(response2,null,2));


You can check it out under https://github.com/JensWalter/node-ems