To prepare the container build, I downloaded the current versions of TRA/BW/EMS from the TIBCO edelivery platform.

I downloaded the following artifacts:


Now to bring those together into a container I copied all of those into a tibco-businessworks-runtime directory.


To support a headless installation, the TIBCO universal installer uses silent files. I attached my silent file at the end of this post.

The Dockerfile is also attached.

Running the engine

Now that the container is built, I can start the engine inside. To get the actual code inside, I opted for a volume mount, which only contains the source as a TIBCO Designer project.

The project on my local disk is located on /Users/jens/tmp/tibco-ide/sample. This is mapped to the /tmp/engine directory.

Now I can start the engine through docker run.

docker run \
  -v /Users/jens/tmp/tibco-ide/sample:/tmp/engine \
  businessworks-runtime ./bwengine -p bwengine.tra /tmp/engine